Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Book Review

CNA Resume and Cover Letter BookBeing a fresher like me, one of the most common struggles we have when it comes to our career venture is probably the part of making our application documents and the interview part. Nine months ago, I passed the certification exam and purposely worked as a volunteer along with my aunt, cos she’s a social worker in Oregon. After five months, I decided to leave the organization I am volunteering with and started hunting for much better opportunities in our city. I feel glad that I had that nice experience with the team and I did learned a lot of things from the real world of nursing assistants but I still see myself as someone who is inferior. Despite the fact that I am fresher and don’t have much experiences in my field, I don’t want to sound one when doing my resume and cover letter. I don’t want to look weak when those people read my cover letter and resume, so my goal was to at least come up with a confident, impressive and solid resume and cover letter to impress them despite the minimal experience I have. So even if they read that I am an entry-level CNA, I want those people to find that ‘wow factor’ in my preliminary introduction. I want to make the best first impression among my competitors, because I know my competitors are also doing their best. Thankfully, my friend’s sister recommended this manual Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual Book.

The practical tips and resources of this book were so helpful to me.

You will find unique tips that you can use to create an effective resume and cover letter. The templates were impressive and they don’t look generic. In my case, what I did was combining some essential points from the templates that perfectly suit my capabilities. Without these templates, it would be hard for me to choose strong words to use in my documents, it would be hard for me to create a good formatting, it would be hard for me to finish a satisfying document that can make me feel confident to compete with the others, including the experienced ones. Although it took me few days before I perfected my desired CNA resume and cover letter but everything was worth it.

This was my emergency kit during that time because everything I needed for CNA resume and cover letter-making was here!!!

To all CNAs out there, don’t rely on generic resumes and cover letters cos no matter how hard you push yourselves into those things it won’t help you win the game. Remember, if you want to catch the best opportunities and join the best team, make sure you work hard for it and show that you deserve that spot, and the primary step to achieve that is by having an attention-grabbing application documents plus a well-prepared interview answers. So I highly recommend this book to my fellow CNAs because this manual is truly tailored for our profession.

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