Dental Health: Signs You Need To Visit Your Dentist

causes of cavities

It’s quite common for people to overlook their dental health. For some people, even when they are already experiencing excruciating pain and difficulty in eating or drinking, they still do not take these symptoms as signs that a trip to the dentist is needed.

However, prolonging your visit to the dentist will only make matters worse. That is why as soon as there is something unusual happening in your mouth or jaw, it would be best to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The Signs

  • You have tooth sensitivity and/or pain.

Unfortunately, there are quite a wide array of possible reasons as to why your teeth are being sensitive or aching. You cannot simply guess or suspect, out of gut-feel, what are causing these discomfort. The only way to find out is by visiting your dentist and going through a series of check-ups, tests or dental exams to determine what is causing the sensitivity or pain. Usually, sensitivity is related to problems in the tooth enamel; perhaps, it has wore thin or weakened. Visit the dentist to know how to overcome this.

  • You have cavities.

Have you ever taken a look at the mirror and noticed there are dark brown or black spots dominating one or more of your teeth? That right there is a cavity. Cavities are holes in the teeth that would grow deeper and bigger, over time, if left untreated. They are the most common dental issues out there. Cavities are caused by sugary food staying in your mouth for too long. This is why it is very important to always regularly brush your teeth to get rid of plaques that may cause the development of cavities.

  • You have swelling, sore and/or bleeding gums.  

A little bleeding from rough brushing or flossing may be quite a common scenario for us; however, if you are experiencing unusual and excessive bleeding in your gums, it might be another case. Gum diseases may seen through swelling of the gums, soreness and bleeding. This is why it would be important for you to call your dentist and set an appointment as soon as see these signs. Some gum diseases may be caused by the piling up of tartar and plaques due to insufficient cleaning and so, in order for you to avoid sore and bleeding gums, you should thoroughly clean your mouth regularly.

causes of toothache

Other Signs

Aside from toothaches, gum pain and cavities, there are other things that signal a regular visit to your dentist and these are the following:

  • You have crown, filling or dental implants that have to be checked regularly.
  • You cannot smile confidently; perhaps, because of a chipped or missing tooth.
  • Your wisdom tooth is acting up.
  • You are pregnant. Pregnancy often makes dental problems much worse.
  • Your mouth is too dry.
  • You have pain in the jaw.
  • Your mouth has sores and spots that are unusual and painful.

Taking care of your dental health is, indeed, important. Never take your teeth for granted as problems will only worsen if you do so. For more information regarding dental services from trusted and reliable doctors, check out our website.