Reasons Why You Should Try Out Acupuncture Treatment

how does acupuncture work

Many might be wondering what makes acupuncture worth trying out. For those of you who are not well aware of how acupuncture works or what benefits it brings in, you might be thinking that this treatment is all just about poking needles into your skin; however, acupuncture is much more than that.

What Is Acupuncture?

In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is said to be a technique used to balance the flow of energy called “qi”. This type of alternative medicine involves inserting thin needles into several strategic points of your skin.

These acupuncture points are deemed to be the areas where stimulation of nerves, muscles, and tissues are necessary. Through this stimulation, the blood flow of the body increases and the natural painkillers within your system are boosted.

Acupuncture is not to be done by just anyone; it is a highly technical therapy that requires an expert practitioner, such as that of Michael Forman DOM, P.A. among others, to perform the session. Otherwise, you might run the risk of being experimented upon an acupuncturist who does not really know what he is doing.

Although many people are quite unsure, maybe even scared, when it comes to trying out acupuncture, there are a couple of reasons why acupuncture is definitely a must-try.

Why Should I Try Acupuncture?

  • It is effective.

Several studies have found out that acupuncture, indeed, works wonders when it comes to reducing pain felt in the lower back, knees, neck, etc. It has also been shown to prevent migraines and headaches. Hence, if you’re experiencing pain from, perhaps, injuries or illnesses, you should definitely check out acupuncture.

Moreover, studies on acupuncture have also shown its protective effects against stress response.

  • It is personalized.

Not many may know this but acupuncture is actually a personalized form of healthcare. No two patients will undergo the exact same acupuncture treatment and that is because acupuncture believes that each person is unique and thus, their uniqueness entails a unique form of acupuncture therapy as well.

That said, you are sure that the treatment given to you is specially formulated for you and your problems.

why should i try acupuncture?

  • It is not painful.

As opposed to the common misconceptions that this treatment or therapy is quite painful, it actually is not. Although it involves needle insertion, these needles are extremely thin; hence, it is not as intrusive as it looks.

This treatment is also not free from discomfort or slight pain; others may experience slight pain and discomfort especially during their first session but this is normal.

  • It is unique.

Acupuncture is not conventional medicine; it is a type of alternative medicine which is unique in its own ways. For those who are quite adventurous and are willing to try something new and different, acupuncture should definitely be on your bucket list

  • It digs deeper.

In acupuncture, it is not only your symptoms that are investigat upon or treated, the possible underlying reasons as to why the symptoms manifest are also taken into account. In a sense, this treatment employs a holistic approach; that is, taking into account the entire picture of your physical and psychological system.


Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer For My Case?

personal injury cases

Many people opt to take matters into their own hands whenever they find themselves in a situation involving injury. That’s fine if you’ve only got to go to the dentist for a slightly chipped tooth; however, in more serious cases, this should not be so. For one, if you are not well versed with personal injury law, you might just be deceived without you knowing it. Tables might even be turned and you could be accused of being at fault.

Needless to say, the importance of hiring a good personal injury lawyer in Alexandria, VA comes into picture as soon as there is a need for you to collect claims. Legal professionals will ensure that you get what you rightfully deserve. Still, many are not quite convinced. Hence, the following are some of the reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer for your case.


  • Experience

It’s not their first time handling a situation like yours. They know the right way of going in and out of the case. They know what rightful claims you deserve since they know how to assess the situation correctly. More so, they have the necessary experience in dealing with other lawyers as well as the courts. This is something lay people do not have. Law is a technical field; thus, you can only effectively work with it if you hire someone who is an expert when it comes to how it works.

  • Paperwork

Loads of paperwork may be involved. Without your own attorney, you may need to run here and there to gather the right information, secure the necessary forms, fill up the forms correctly, and the like. With the aid of your attorney, on the other hand, you would be in a much more relaxed state since your lawyer is obliged to take care of these things.

personal injury claims

  • Objectivity

Handling a personal injury case needs objectivity; this might be something difficult to get from the injured party especially if the situation involves serious physical injuries or worse, death. High level emotions might influence the way the injured party deals with the situation. Thus, there is a need for an objective mind representing that party.

  • Alternatives

In certain cases, alternative dispute resolutions may be necessary if the courts deem your claims untenable. This can only be done effectively with the help of an expert, a personal injury lawyer.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, lawyers know how the field works. They make sure your case will not be dismissed. They are objective and they possess the necessary knowledge and skills when it comes to handling cases. Their services are sought after since , almost all the time, they guarantee better results even when it’s not what was expected.

So, for those of you who think hiring a lawyer is only creates a hole in the pocket; think again. Of course, you’ll need to pay for their services but that’s not all of it. Their services will help you claim what’s rightfully yours. After all, you must invest in something for you to get something bigger in return.

A Guide To Becoming A Dental Nurse 2016

Variously referred to as a dental hygienist, a dental nurse works in a dentist’s offices providing preventive care education and teeth cleaning services. The tasks that they perform may vary from state to state but can include applying sealants, taking x-rays, removing sutures, and administering anesthesia. Many hours spent leaning or standing over patients are often required. Some dental practitioners tend to hire dental hygienists or nurses part-time but many of these professionals who wish to work on a full-time basis should not have a problem finding employment.

Requirements for a career as a dental nurse include completing an accredited bachelor’s or associate degree or certificate program in dental hygiene and getting licensed. Below, therefore, we take a look at a guide to becoming a dental nurse in the U.S. as follows:

For a quick rundown, you can see this video:

Step 1: Completing prerequisites for Dental School

Completing high school or its equivalent is a prerequisite for getting admitted to most dental schools. Some programs may also require at least one year of college coursework in social sciences, chemistry, speech, and English and/or college entrance exam scores. Applicable prerequisite courses in high school include biology, chemistry, and mathematics.

Step 2: Completing a program in Dental Hygiene

The minimum qualification necessary for working in a private dental office is a 2 or 3-year associate degree. The program usually includes coursework and clinical practical sessions, with courses covering topics such as periodontics, oral anatomy, oral pathology, radiology, and nutrition.

Step 3: Obtaining Licensure

All aspiring dental nurses need to be licensed before they can seek employment. Licensure requirements consist of satisfactorily completing an educational program and consequently passing 3 examinations that are administered by the American Dental Association as well as practical exams administered by the region or state in which the potential candidates reside. Upon satisfying these requirements, and any others that may be imposed by an individual state, candidates can then apply to become licensed dental nurses in that state.

Step 4: Applying for a Dental Hygienist’s position

Since many dentists such as BC Soft Touch Dental only need dental nurses on a part-time basis, many either work for more than one dentist or on a part-time basis. In addition, although experience is not really necessary in this position, some employers prefer or at least require that job applicants have at least a year of experience. As a result, those with even a little experience, say from a school program, are likely to have a better chance of being hired than those with none.

Step 5: Joining a professional organization

Aspiring dental nurses who wish to further their careers should consider joining professional organizations the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) which offers members educational and professional services, as well as access to networking opportunities and career centers for career advancement and professional growth. Here, Sara B. from BC Soft Touch Dental should offer any assistance to our in-house dental nurses who wish to register with this organization.

You may want to think again about becoming a dental hygienist if you cannot stand the sight of other people’s oral cavities- and remember that you are likely to see some pretty serious incidences of poor oral hygiene. A good dental nurse should appear unflappable and be ready for anything even when dealing with a patient who is clearly not enjoying the root canal surgery procedure being conducted on him/her.

Official CNA Resume and Cover Letter Book Review

CNA Resume and Cover Letter BookBeing a fresher like me, one of the most common struggles we have when it comes to our career venture is probably the part of making our application documents and the interview part. Nine months ago, I passed the certification exam and purposely worked as a volunteer along with my aunt, cos she’s a social worker in Oregon. After five months, I decided to leave the organization I am volunteering with and started hunting for much better opportunities in our city. I feel glad that I had that nice experience with the team and I did learned a lot of things from the real world of nursing assistants but I still see myself as someone who is inferior. Despite the fact that I am fresher and don’t have much experiences in my field, I don’t want to sound one when doing my resume and cover letter. I don’t want to look weak when those people read my cover letter and resume, so my goal was to at least come up with a confident, impressive and solid resume and cover letter to impress them despite the minimal experience I have. So even if they read that I am an entry-level CNA, I want those people to find that ‘wow factor’ in my preliminary introduction. I want to make the best first impression among my competitors, because I know my competitors are also doing their best. Thankfully, my friend’s sister recommended this manual Official CNA Resume and Cover Letters Manual Book.

The practical tips and resources of this book were so helpful to me.

You will find unique tips that you can use to create an effective resume and cover letter. The templates were impressive and they don’t look generic. In my case, what I did was combining some essential points from the templates that perfectly suit my capabilities. Without these templates, it would be hard for me to choose strong words to use in my documents, it would be hard for me to create a good formatting, it would be hard for me to finish a satisfying document that can make me feel confident to compete with the others, including the experienced ones. Although it took me few days before I perfected my desired CNA resume and cover letter but everything was worth it.

This was my emergency kit during that time because everything I needed for CNA resume and cover letter-making was here!!!

To all CNAs out there, don’t rely on generic resumes and cover letters cos no matter how hard you push yourselves into those things it won’t help you win the game. Remember, if you want to catch the best opportunities and join the best team, make sure you work hard for it and show that you deserve that spot, and the primary step to achieve that is by having an attention-grabbing application documents plus a well-prepared interview answers. So I highly recommend this book to my fellow CNAs because this manual is truly tailored for our profession.

Professional Staffing Agency – What are your Options in the Healthcare Industry?

Staffing agency business is among the popular business ideas these days. And since you are working as a nurse practitioner it would be ideal the you start a staffing agency that’s related to your field, like nurse staffing agency.

However other than nurse staffing agency, you can also expand into various health care professional staffing such as:

  • Caregivers
  • Clinical Nurse
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Medical Assistant
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Occupational Health Nurse
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician Assistant
  • Registered Nurse
  • Therapist

Other than these staffing professionals try to identify as well as to what category your business can supply these professional staffing:

  • Contractual staffing
  • Regular staffing
  • Supplemental staffing
  • Permanent placement
  • Temporary staffing
  • Temp-to-perm

Whatever staffing agency you choose for your business, it is important that you carefully outline your business plans by researching your competition, gathering the detailed information necessary for running this business and developing it, government policies, and of course the financial and legal aspects involved. See to it that your code of conduct adheres to fair policies to ensure legal problems in the future.

If you are on budget but still want to start a staffing agency business, then make sure that your finances are carefully budgeted on the expenses needed. You need to control your finances and invest on cost-effective methods. For example, choosing an area in your home as your start up office, or choosing less-expensive means of advertising like posting to social media, giving out flyers or by word-of-mouth advertising. When purchasing office materials, you can choose second-hand items to cut the costs but see to it that the second-hand items are durable and will last long until you can purchase new items as replacement.

I hope this simple guide can help you decide on what kind of staffing agency to start.

Nursing Uniform Business – Steps On How to Start It

One of the great business ideas that nurses can start for their own is a retail business that sells uniforms for nurses and other health care professionals. Just thinking about the number of nurses, nursing students and other health care professionals who are working and studying now, you can clearly see that this type of business shows a potential success.

Here are step by step guide into starting your own nursing uniform business:

First Step – Planning and Business Structure

Planning is your very initial step when starting a business. The planning phase involves outlining the business structure with a professional and certified public accountant which specializes in retail businesses particularly in the field of health and medical industry. Think of your ideal business structure, will it be Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC) etc. How about the different business licenses? Make sure you are well-informed of those business elements.

Second Step – Find a Good Business Location

Even if your business idea is a profitable one, it won’t be realized if you put it in a poor location. Make sure you select accessible and noticeable store blocks which are near to your target market just like hospitals and other health care facilities, medical and nursing institutions. Check if the building has a good front display setting like wide windows.

Third Step –Gather Relevant Details

Inquire about the specifications of nursing uniforms. Go and check out some hospitals and other health institutions about their requirements for nursing uniforms. These should include details about the style, ideal materials, colors and other things.

Forth Step – Bulk Orders

When you shop for uniforms to sell, make sure you do bulk orders to get big savings. Use the information you have gathered when ordering them. Make sure you order wide selection of uniform sizes, colors, and styles.

Fifth Step – Hire Few Personnel

When hiring some people to help you out in the store, make sure they have good customer service experience and must be familiar with the medical and health related marketplace.

Sixth Step – Make Special Offer

Who doesn’t like special offer? Of course, anyone does. When you’re just starting your business, it’s always good to make some promos in order to attract more buyers. When you have special promos, make sure you promote it through posters or flyers.

Seventh Step – Get Updated With the Latest Trends and Specifications

Every once in a while, try to visit hospitals to see if they have made some changes on the uniform guidelines or you may ask some of your regular customers about the latest uniform trends. If there are unsold items that are out of the trends, you can either donate them or sell them at cheaper costs. Make sure that you also inform your suppliers about the updates on the uniforms so that they will deliver to you the new and updated ones.

Nursing Agency: Start-up Guide

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The demand for nurses is still growing, so if you are considering on opening up a small business to earn extra money, then why don’t you consider the idea of launching a nursing agency? A nursing agency will have a way to get to the demand for general shortage of nurses.

Research: Research on regulations concerning opening up nursing agencies. Look for online resources and business books. This will support you create a strategy about how to run your enterprise to be able to be successful.

Funds: You will find specific options from where you can get investment capital to begin your business. Seek financial help from your family members and close friends but be certain to pay them back. You may also consider government scholarships which are provided for opening business. You will also find loans from banks. No matter what financing source you decide on, ensure that you have a structured budgetary plan that is practical.

Location: A good location will be helpful for your business. Pick a location where your target industry is highly located. A location near nursing schools is so ideal for this kind of business.

Objectives and Missions: You need to set your objectives and missions for your nurse agency business. This can guarantee you are capable of taking care of your business effectively. Determine the components of your business beginning from the services that you will provide then write down the policies and regulations which you will enforce in your company. Hiring the staff members comes next.

Laws and Guidelines: You will find specific laws and guidelines supplied by the federal government that you need to comply when considering opening up a company. There are necessary licenses and insurance plans that you have to acquire prior to opening a nursing business.

Marketing and Advertising: Announce to the public that you exist, that your business exist in the market. Put up flyers in nearby bulletin boards, hand them out in educational institutions or post online advertisements. Make sure to make your advertising and marketing effective, put all the essential details in your ads, like the name of your business, contact details, locations and services.

Communication: Usually, once you’ve posted an ad, you will start to get phone calls for queries. If your clients begin to make contact with you, ensure that you are available for discussion. Be prepared for any kind of possible queries that they will inquire to you. A lot of people will generally base their judgement over the phone meeting, so you need to make sure that you fully understand your company’s guidelines very well. Be as warm and friendly as you can so that your customers will be pleasant speaking with you.

Charge: Never charge excessively. This is a major turn off especially if you are a new business. Make sure that you are charging them with the appropriate price, and you will possibly acquire a lot more clients.

These are few of the helpful tips that can greatly help you start your own nursing agency.

How Nurses Can Be Entrepreneurs

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Anyone can be entrepreneur as long as you have the will to become one or if you’re matured enough to understand the matters concerning doing business on your own. In fact, there are young adults who are very successful entrepreneurs. Other don’t even have a degree, yet, they manage a very successful business, how much more if you’re someone that have acquired an educational degree and is capable of running a business? Just like Nurses.

Nurses, usually they are found in the hospitals taking care of sick patients and or assisting the elders. Some of them are assisting nurse assistants. But that doesn’t mean that being a nurse, you only need to work in a hospital or health care facility. As a matter of fact, nurses can be entrepreneurs too. But how?

Nurses have the talent, understanding and enthusiasm to be profitable business owners. I know some nurses are exhausted of being told what their services are really worth. Actually, nurses are very helpful in the health care industry. Without them, how can a hospital be effective in providing health care solution?

This financial system is ready for the nurse business owner. Don’t wait for 5 year before you start becoming a nurse entrepreneur. As long as you already have acquired great knowledge and experience, then you are good to go. Being able to run your own business is so satisfying.

To give you an overview about ‘entrepreneur’, it is an individual who sets up, manages and takes on the risk for a business venture. Nurse practitioners have always deemed their particular services merely valuable as a worker of somebody else’s organization. It really is the moment nurses take charge of their career and market their own services to health care organizations. Nurse practitioners have to bear in mind that there are actually some other nursing career alternatives. As an example is being an Independent Nurse Contractor. It is considered as one that more and more nurse practitioners are switching to for career satisfaction. Nurse practitioners are discovering that they can increase their income, increase their options as to how often when and where to work, gain professional autonomy and increase over all job fulfillment. So get rid of the “middle man” and take pleasure in almost all the rewards presented in this fascinating nursing career possibility.

State nurse practice acts never forbid a nurse from starting up their very own small business as an Independent Nurse Contractor. You will be accountable as an independent nurse to build a strategy and carry out a business framework. You will also have to think about nursing legal responsibility insurance, keep up your continuing education prerequisites and taxes (local, state and federal).

Nurse practitioners are the best business owners. They have the best communication skills and the ability to evaluate, carry out and manage a plan. These are the exact same standards that any business proprietor uses. Nurses use this system each day in their nursing professions and this could be the transformation that you have diligently been

How To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

Are you driven to help different people, despite their disabilities and age? Do you have the passion to reach out to as many people who are in need as possible? If you gain satisfaction from helping others, then you would definitely thrive in the industry for health care. However, do you not have the money to pursue a health care degree like nursing, physical therapy, psychology, medicine, etc.? Well, worry no more since you can still help out in the health care industry by becoming a certified nursing assistant or CNA. Becoming a CNA does not require you to obtain a college degree but you still have to pass certain qualifications and exams to get your license. In order to learn more about this, please read on.

What exactly is a certified nursing assistant and what is its job description?

Basically, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a health care expert who is responsible for providing different health care services to facility residents and patients. They are also known as orderlies or nursing aides. Their job description may include the following:

  • Applying first aid
  • Taking the vital signs of the patients
  • Assisting patients in bathing, eating, and some other day-to-day living activities
  • Assisting patients from their bed to their wheelchair and vice-versa
  • Dispensing medication (however, this would depend on the level of training and competency of the nursing assistant)
  • Applying support materials and bandages as directed by the registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or by the physician
  • Relaying the problems and concerns of the patients to the nurse in charge
  • Documenting activities and events that are related to the patient

What are the prerequisites to enter a CNA training program?

To enter a CNA training program, you will first need to present your GED certification or your high school diploma. Also, there are some CNA training institutions that would require you to complete courses in first aid training, CPR, human physiology and anatomy, and medical terminology before they enroll you. However, in case you do not have the time to physically attend classes, there are some training institutions that offer nursing assistant courses online. In addition to these, before you can be enrolled in a training program, you have to submit to a criminal background check and you need to pass a drug test.

What to expect during the CNA training program?

Once you are actually enrolled in a certificate training program, expect to face two different courses. The first course you have to go through will be the course for basic patient care. In this course, you will learn about your different responsibilities and duties as a CNA. Typically, this course is given by registered nurses (RN) where they discuss classroom theories and share real life experiences for better understanding. Keep in mind that this is a 75-hour course that covers patient assistance in eating and bathing, taking vital signs, how to provide catheter care, etc. Medical ethics and health laws are also covered during the classroom course.

The second course of the CNA training program is the clinical externship. Basically, in this part, you will get to practice and apply the knowledge and skills you have learned in the classroom in a real-world setting. You will be assigned to a local hospital or to a nursing home where you will be required to do actual nursing assistant work. However, you will still be guided and observed by a licensed practical nurse (LPN) as you complete your requirements for your clinical externship. For this part of your training, you will be expected to complete 16 hours of clinical externship before you will be certified by your state.

Tests You Need To Take To Become A Fully Licensed CNA

Nowadays, CNAs are really a vital part of the health care industry. However, it also comes with its own specific regulations. First of all, a CNA has to be certified – this is to ensure that you are capable and are fit to carry out the responsibilities and tasks required of a CNA. Also, in order to fully become a CNA, you will need to complete your 75 hours of training to be a nursing assistant. Aside from that, after your training program, you will need to pass a state approved comprehensive exam called the CNA exam. Once you have completed your training and passed your exams, only then will you get your official CNA certification and start your nursing assistant career.

What is the salary of a CNA?

Although helping people might be a passion of yours, it is understandable that you also need to make a living of your own. Becoming a CNA can help you fulfill your passion for helping people but it can also help you financially as well. Typically, the average salary of a CNA per year is at around $24,010. However, the top ten percent of CNAs can earn as much as $34,580!

So if you are looking for a career that can help you achieve your passion for helping people while still helping you earn some money, becoming a CNA is definitely the right job for you. If you’ve decided to become CNA certified after reading this blog post, you should check out for more help when training for your CNA.